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TUR 4, 4F, 6, 6A

Modern Ursus TUR loaders are designed for tractors from 35 to 180 HP. They differ in a number of parameters in this maximum load, however, what is characteristic of the whole series is their high suitability for work on the farm. Loaders are standard equipped with a "floating" function, which in the event of a collision with uneven ground protects the equipment against damage. Connecting the loader hydraulics directly to the tractor's oil system makes the user have access to all outlets of the external hydraulic outputs. Thanks to this, it can connect more machines needed for work at a given moment to the tractor. Serial power supply has many additional advantages, including increases the comfort of work, extends the life of the pump and generates fuel savings. In tractors that have variable displacement piston pumps (CCLS system) manifolds with a sensing line are mounted. TUR loaders are equipped with a semi-automatic frame for quick attachments.

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