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 C-380 is a tractor with a wide range of applications. The extensive standard equipment makes this machine suitable for both agricultural and transport work as well as municipal and auxiliary. With all its possibilities, the C-380 is both economical and environmentally friendly - it complies with the Euro IIIA emission standard. The tractor is a response to the expectations of a 21st century farmer. Thanks to cooperation with world leaders in the production of subassemblies for agricultural machinery, we are sure that it will meet the requirements of our customers.

75 HP

Turbo charged engine Perkins EURO IIIB

Displacement, cm3/no.of cylinders - 3400/4

12F+12R fully synchronized transmission with synchro shuttle, creeper gear

Max. Speed 30 km/h; PTO speed 540/1000

Hydraulic pump output - 50 l/min

Lift capacity: 2650 kg

Weight without ballasts - 3258 kg

Front / rear tires: 280/85R24 / 420/85R30


Air conditioning

3-spool valve external hydraulics

Piton-fix hitch


170 kg front ballast weights

260 kg front ballast weights

210 kg rear wheel ballast weights

Front/rear tires: 320/70 R24 / 480/70 R30

Front/rear tires: 12,4 R24 / 12,4 R38

Front/rear tires: 11,2 R24 / 12,4 R36

Rear fenders extensions

Front PTO (mechanical)

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