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Ursus C-350. Small but perky

Ursus C-350 you will find everything that you have respected in its predecessor, but also much more. The new tractor is cheaper and has much more options compared to Ursus 5044. It is the smallest machine in the series marked with the letter C, which will work in various types of tasks. The tractor is ideally suited for orchard work, but it can also be used in agriculture and in the municipal economy. Due to its size, it is often used, among others while spraying, however, a wide range of options makes it ideal also for other tasks. Quiet, comfortable, surprisingly strong. 


Engine – genuine EURO IIIA PERKINS, 3-cyl.

Displacement, cm3/no.of cylinders - 3300/3

12F+12R fully synchronized transmission with synchro shuttle, creeper gear

Max. Speed 30 km/h; PTO speed 540/1000

Hydraulic pump output - 50 l/min

Lift capacity: 1300 kg

Weight without ballasts - 2420 kg

Front / rear tires: 7,5R16 / 12,4 R28

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